Voice over Internet Protocol

Also known as VoIP, IP Telephony, Internet telephony, and Broadband Phone. It is usually assumed that the "voice" in VoIP refers to the complete set of telephony functions: voice, fax, DTMF, data, etc. This makes purists cringe, but "telephony" just has too many syllables.

Basically, VoIP is the routing of voice (and telephony) conversations over an IP-based network, especially the internet. This means that the voice data must be packetized so that it can flow through a general-purpose, packet-switched network instead of traditional dedicated, circuit-switched telephone transmission lines.

VoIP may be implemented using proprietary protocols (e.g. Skype), but most commercial implementations more or less adhere to standard protocols.

"Push to Talk over Cellular" (PoC) or simply "Push-to-Talk" (PTT) are common names for mobile VoIP solutions.

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Updated 10/05/2006.

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