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In 2005, in Ocean Beach, San Diego, California, Mike Laude and Kristen Glass founded OB-unwired to drive innovation in unwired communication.

Kristen Glass
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

With a bachelor of arts in psychology from the College of William and Mary and a master of social work degree from San Diego State University, Kristen Glass brings a unique perspective to the telecom industry. She is expert at balancing the urge to develop and deploy the latest and greatest technology with the need for reliable, easy to use, and cost effective solutions.

Mike Laude
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Growing up in Florida, Mike Laude watched the sky for every rocket launch. After graduating from the College of William & Mary with a bachelor of science in mathematics, he went to work on telemetry processing software for the first Space Shuttle missions. The fascination with spaceflight morphed into a fascination with telecommunications, a master of science in computer science from the University of Houston, Clear Lake City, and a passion for creating new products, always seeking for faster and more powerful solutions. This passion led him to San Diego to work on some of the first digital cross connect systems for Linkabit, ethernet gateways for Spectragraphics, satellite communication systems, CDMA network design software, and BREW for Qualcomm, IP-based mobile services for Nokia, and research and development for OB-unwired.

As CTO, Mike Laude directs the research and development activities of OB-unwired.

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